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Experience the Difference

It’s more than a private golf club. It’s more than just an award-winning golf course. It’s more than incredible food served in a stunning setting. Deer Ridge is a club that exceeds your expectations in every way. It’s what we call “the Deer Ridge Difference.”

Deer Ridge, experience the difference.

Deer Ridge is a club built on friendships. It is based around a remarkable Thomas McBroom golf course, a walkable, high-rated facility where players connect with the true essence of the game. It is about passion—between great friends, for conversations that happen between golfers while enjoying a spectacular setting that has few peers or while sipping a post-round beverage while sitting in the majestic patio overlooking the incredible Grand River valley. It is about access—the ability to find a free afternoon, grab your clubs and show up being assured you can quickly find a game and potentially meet some new friends.

But don't take our word for it—come and experience the difference for yourself.